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Dutch for english speaking expats
Individual and group lessons, both in-company or at out office in Hengelo.

Since 2000 we have specialized in teaching Dutch as a second language made-to-measure for higher educated students.
We start teaching in English, thus allowing a fast progress in understanding the structure of the Dutch language.

Teaching methods:
We use several methods, depending on your wishes and basic language skills.
Listening, speaking and writing are taught.

The speed at which students are able to learn Dutch tends to vary. It depends a.o. on the basic knowledge of grammar in general, but also on the country of origin. E.g. People from Finland or Norway would be capable of learning the language a lot quicker in view of the similar grammatical structure. 
For people from India it will be far more difficult in view of their native language.

On average it will take about 40 hours to reach the lowest level A-1.
You will be able to speak a few simple sentences and understand the basic grammar structure.
Learning Dutch has proved to be an excellent investment to integrate and will improve your ability to interact with the Dutch.

Call or mail us and we will show you or teaching methods and discuss the aspects of learning Dutch.
Graag tot ziens!

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