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Aanbevelingen Engels

Erik Visscher Enrichment Technology Almelo
Zakelijk engels: grammatica / spreekvaardigheid / presentaties 30 uur
I had the opportunity to work with Ingrid for several months. Ingrid has a practical approach to group and individual learning that works well. She takes care to keep the lessons alive by variation. She has a lot of practical knowledge and examples making the theory well understood. I have enjoyed the lessons and learned a lot about applying the English language.
I have very much appreciated her lessons.
Erik Visscher worked for Enrichment Technology Almelo.

Edwin Damer Proctor and Gamble:
Zakelijk Engels: grammatica / rapportage 22 uur
Bij taleninstituut “your Way” heb ik de cursus engels gevonden welke aansloot bij mijn opleidingsbehoefte.
Tijdens de persoonlijke training kreeg ik engelse les welke op grammatica en rapportage gericht was. Door de persoonlijke begeleiding kon ik precies aangeven waar ik extra kennis moest opdoen, tevens werd het niveau van de grammatica bepaald.
Na ongeveer 22 uur les is mijn niveau op het gebied van engelse grammatica verhoogd, maar ook door de vele tips is het maken van rapportages vergemakkelijkt.
Edwin werkt bij Procter @ Gamble.

Marco Heerze, Apollo Vredestein
Zakelijk Engels 15 uur: grammatica/emails/vocabulaire/meetings

Individual & intensive approach; that brings success by learning Business English
Actually, learning a language is mainly based on motivation. Therefore Ingrid screens your learning objectives and assistance needed. By means of an assessment at the beginning and at the end of the pathway is clear what growth you have gone through. Learning a language is complex and intensive. Honestly, you can not learn everything at once. That's why Ingrid chooses a practice-oriented approach, which suits your own learning style (selfstudy and discuss the exercises, discuss documents in English, discuss e-mail correspondence). In addition to these quick fix approach Ingrid analyzes your structural weaknesses in writing, reading and speaking English. This is really confrontational but, above all, educational. With practical literature such as conferencing, e-mail writing, business contacts with practical literature it is just nice to practice. I look back on a short and very intensive training. Thank you Ingrid!
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